Bay Area Recruiters 

you enjoy a professional on-site

recruiter who:

  • Is experienced at finding the best talent for your company   

  • Works one on one with your hiring managers to determine both the hard and soft skills necessary for their open positions 

  • Represents your company in the utmost professional manner 

  • Identifies with your company's culture 

  • Becomes an integral part of your team 

  • Is cost effective

Still using contingency agencies or search firms?


Many companies turn to contingency agencies or retained search firms to fill their recruiting   needs. Such companies model their businesses to make quick placements and receive large fees. To increase their chances of making a quick placement, these agencies market the same candidates to many companies. That means you compete for the same candidates with other companies in your field.  Agencies also often coach their candidates to give you the answers you want to hear. If you hire a candidate that an agency has referred, expect to pay the agency 

up to 30% of the candidate's first year salary as commission. That means 3 candidates requiring $100,000 a year in salary can cost you as much as $90,000!


The BAR difference


A BAR on-site recruiter is very different from a typical agency headhunter. Our recruiter works for only one company, yours. The candidates our recruiter finds are submitted only to your managers, not your competitors'. Since our recruiters work on-site, they identify with your corporate culture and know firsthand what types of candidates will make the best fit.  That's something an agency headhunter can never do. We're also cost effective-charging one hourly rate no matter how many candidates we bring aboard.


Hiring a full-time recruiter or an independent contractor (1099)? 


If you're considering hiring a full-time employee to meet your staffing needs, think BAR first.  All liability/unemployment insurance, payroll taxes, benefits, etc. for our recruiters are    covered by BAR. That means less cost (overhead) for you. After your recruiting needs are  met, our recruiter leaves. Of course when you need our services again, we're ready to step  in. 

Wanting to bring in an independent contractor (1099)? Think twice before you do because any violation of IRS guidelines regarding independent contractors can result in a legal and  financial nightmare for your company from both the independent contractor and the IRS.  Since a BAR recruiter is also a BAR employee, you don't have to worry about violating IRS  rules as you do with recruiters who are independent contractors.


Let BAR work for you by:

  • Conducting an initial no cost consultation to determine your company's recruitment needs

  • Working closely with hiring managers to determine specific job requirements and compensation for each open position

  • Developing job descriptions designed to attract the most qualified candidates

  • Carefully sourcing and screening candidates, submitting only those who are the most qualified to the hiring managers

  • Scheduling interviews with all appropriate staff

  • Conducting thorough reference checks

  • Negotiating offers

  • Closing the right candidates

Whether you are looking to fill executive or managerial positions, software developers,     network engineers, technical support, marketing, sales or office administrators, a BAR     recruiter can find the best talent for all of your staffing needs.


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